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Why your company should wrap your vehicles

Wrapping your company vehicle should be a vital part of growing your business or just getting a few more customers.  Having a vehicle wrapped with your company logo, phone number, email and website address can be seen as a moving billboard.

When your vehicle is moving around, doing deliveries or just visiting customers your company name and brand are reaching new audiences.  The more often people see your company the more they will notice and respond.

Read below for some stats on Vehicle Branding

  • Vehicle branding will reach more people than all other forms of outdoor advertising
  • Over a period of a year, more than 2 500 impressions will be made per rand spent
  • 30 000 – 70 000 impressions will be made daily from a vehicle that is on the road for more than 4 hours

To find out more about vehicle branding click on the link below

Vehicle Branding


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